Africa  Choice Awards is Africa’s most prestigious celebration of entertainment and TV talent behind and in front of the cameras. The Africa Choice Awards also represent the significant investment made by Vergeria Life Magazine as a show of its commitment to the development of skills and talent on the continent. Africa Choice Awards (ACA) is an annual accolade presented by leading brand Vergeria Life magazine;  Africa Choice Awards recognizes outstanding achievement in the entertainment , Fashion & Creative Industry. The Awards celebrates the rich African cultural heritage and the achievements of Africans who have excelled brilliantly in their various fields every year.

The inaugural Africa Choice Awards ceremony was held in Lagos, Lagos State in Nigeria on 8th Of December 2019 and was broadcast live in more than 4 countries . 


The Aim of Africa Choice Awards is to To celebrate outstanding achievements in the African Entertainment, television  and Creative industry. We  honor excellence in the Entertainment, Tv and Creative Industry. It is truly a peer honor, awarded by and to entertainers  and technical professionals for artistic or technical achievement.  The annual AFRICA Choice Awards presentation brings together thousands of creative and technical professionals in the entertainment industry from all over Africa.



They were the first, the best and sometimes the only; the innovators who have influenced our lives in education, commerce, politics, entertainment, etc.

Our lives would not be the same without them. When others didn’t think it was possible, they did it. They owned it. They became it. They represent the spirit of  Africa in its finest form. Here, we doff our hats and give a well-deserved recognition for these distinguished record breakers that were ahead of their time.


Their courage and charisma chart the course of our everyday life; It spotlights these political juggernauts, decision makers and influencers amongst us. The most revered and the most influential Political icons will be chronicled in this category.

The ones we hold in loving memory and the others whose actions at the time was fraught with controversies, individuals whose political influence in and out of government or public service brought about landmark achievements.


They have entertained thrilled and inspired us with their talents, lets allow them take center stage for a well-deserved encore. This category will recognize individuals who have excelled in the applied and visual arts; music, theatre, film, painting, photography and television.


Their Energy inspire us daily, This category will honor and celebrate sportsmen, sport teams and athletes, who have excelled in their field or has won laurels for Africa thereby inspiring a generation of achievers after them.



Time frame -1 month

Members of the public would get to nominate on the our website.


Time frame – 3 Days

A Board of Editors, composed of newspaper and magazine editors, bloggers and social media entrepreneurs will select the nominees with the highest nominations.


Time Frame – 2 Months

This will be done by the general public via our website, text, calls, social media to determine the winners of each categories.